Democracy for Monkeys and the Silent Enemy

In today's society we have democratic laws. But they are not applicable to big part of the world. For example, try enforcing democracy rules for, lets say, monkeys. Monkeys are able to vote, they can express their opinions, but democracy would not work here.
Same applies to other animals.
Everybody knows that humans are evolved from animals, but are they evolved far enough ?
I think we are still evolving further, and sometimes backwards. I am only sure about one thing here - there's definitely some movement.

Same thing from animal kingdom applies to human societies as well. Some societies will never accept democracy, because each of the individuals is governed by excessive greed or other uncontrollable emotions and instincts.
Is this bad ?

I personally don't think it's bad. It might happen, that democracy is too weak structure without protection. And this protection is forbidded by democracy. In fact, in democracy you can limit rights of dangerous people, but the problem - we ignore all the dangers.

We listen for some people (unrealistic) shock and awe, from people who live in an artificial protected world and are unable to predict and foresee any dangers.
Even if they see it, they have to sing the common song, because they are afraid to lose their seats.

Therefore society are being changed by the silent enemy. After this, democracy will go. Rules will change. And world will go back to dark ages.

Anyway, if we look at life realistically, we are not the owners of this world. The most populous on the earth are microbes. Do they need democracy ? No.
They need to eat, kill, and spread.


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