Investment waves

It is really interesting to watch how quick are people to predict the end of the world.
And it is really funny to watch all the so-called private investors. Most of them lose money. They can give you thousands of reasons for the share price change, but in reality they don't know nothing. They are surprised by the markets every single minute. Why, why, why ? It has to go up, why it's coming down ? They are always surprised !
One interesting moment - they never complain that the price is rising. Yet when it falls, all world is here to blame, except the so called investor. They blame other investors for fear, they blame market makers for manipulation, they blame secret investment companies for selling their stocks.

The truth of course is pretty obvious. What goes up has to come down at the some time. Imagine ocean waves. Only best swimmers survive !
There are many cycles together on different timescales. Approximately every 10 years we have a crisis. So can we be surprised ? Not a little bit ! It's best to learn and use it properly. Falling stock prices are NOT bad. It has to be used properly. And I am not talking about shorting here.

Of course, making a good decision is crucial. And one decision might look perfect in one week, but it looks different in a yearly or monthly timescale. That is why is very hard to decide, what is the best way to trade ?

Market is a very interesting world. We cannot trade the same way because market situation can change depending on their participants. So we have to adapt our strategy in ever-changing world.
But without proper strategy any trading is doomed for failure. And any short term success can be meaningless.


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